Island of Gozo (Malta) is a place on earth I call my Soul Home…

Errit Kuldkepp

Since 2013, magical Daydream Gozo B&B was my home away from home. I had the privilege to volunteer there and help the owners Caroline and Mehdi to run this beautiful villa and provide the heartfelt hospitality!

Walking across the beautiful island has been my way to experience and feel it wholeheartedly!

Back in 2019, it was a true honor to be the first-ever Estonian on Stephanie Spiteri´s show Illuma Ma´Steph. Kindly see the video below for the full 30-minute interview on Malta TV.

The whole atmosphere was very friendly in the studio, they also warmly welcomed my parents (Rita & Vello) as well and allowed him to film the whole interview…Vello was even given a spot between camera people….and this kind of attitude is the best example of heartfelt hospitality and human kindness!

You are kindly invited to experience some moments captured with my phone on these soulful islands, simply press play and enjoy!

Errit Kuldkepp