We believe that soulful marketing is enthusiasm transferred

to the hearts and souls of the customer

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We have been collaborating with truly valuable people and companies and Errit has been a marketing specialist in Pärnu Hospital since 2010 until 2019, being the first ever marketing specialist in Estonian Hospitals (Errit Kuldkepp CV) and Laura (Laura-Siimenson-CV) has been a personal assistant since 2017.

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Video about Cruise Ship “Island Sky” visiting port of Pärnu in collaboration with Film Purgis

University of Tartu, Pärnu College marketing clip with Errit in collaboration with Stuudiopunkt

Pärnumaa County (clip with Errit about life in Pärnu)

The following content is managed & created from idea to realization by Errit and assisted by Laura Siimenson:

Soulful real life video clips that have touched the hearts of many 🙂 

Rehabilitation and Well-Being Centre of Pärnu Hospital (Facebook page)

Family School of Pärnu Hospital (Facebook page) 

Crostic MX (Facebook) and Instagram Page

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Soulful Marketing & Personal Branding 

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Why is Personal Branding important? It is actually very simple…no matter in which field you are working or active in, you are still collaborating with other human beings…not faceless companies. Personal Branding pushes you to get to know yourself better, deeper, connects you to your values and beliefs, why you do what you do….others see (& feel) it already…through what you do & do not do, how you do, how you communicate with your relatives, partners, friends, colleagues, strangers, rich and poor…so trust me, knowing yourself better, helps you to live more according to your values and beliefs!

What about Soulful Marketing? I completely agree with G. Ciotti as he sais that marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer.

According to legal definition, marketing is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. With its focus on the customer, marketing is one of the premier components of business management.

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