Deeply believe into soulful marketing through a strong personal brand

Experiences are the best teachers, marketing Pärnu Hospital from 2010 until 2019 is one of them, kindly check my “traditional” CV

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I had the honor to be a first ever marketing specialist in Pärnu Hospital & in Estonia from 2010 until 30.08.2019 

The following content on Pärnu Hospital´s social media platforms were managed & created from idea to realization by Errit and assisted by Laura Siimenson (2017-2019):

Soulful real life video clips that have touched the hearts of many 🙂 

Rehabilitation and Well-Being Centre of Pärnu Hospital (Facebook page)

Family School of Pärnu Hospital (Facebook page) 

Since 2019 I have had the privilege to help to create together with the owners Vulfram custom sportsewear brand (ideology and concept, including texts) and passionately manage their socialmedia on Facebook and Instagram

From 2018-2020 I had the chance to manage the social media Facebook and Instagram of a Crostic MX – an international company sepcialized in designing & manufacturing mx & enduro bike decals and gear. 

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Here are some more inspirational collaborations with various brands 🙂