NEW – my personal letter to Andrea, which I read to him fully while sitting next to him…

Why we met Andrea Bocelli? To inspire people to be courageous, loving, for human connection, to dream big & take actionbecause our dreams do not work unless we do!

To inspire more people to fall in love with Andrea Bocelli (from all walks of life and from all the different age groups)!

PS! Nobody funded our journey, we covered all our costs and wanted to promote through courage and passion towards Andrea Bocelli as good as we could and still can because we believe in human connection!

LIVE interview on TV3 programme Seitsmesed (August 2019)

NEW! Article in The Baltic Guide (August 2019) 

 Article about meeting Andrea Bocelli in Naisteleht (ENG) & in EST

LIVE Interview meeting Andrea Bocelli on Malta TV 

Article in Pärnu Postimees newspaper 

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PS! Andrea will be giving a concert in Tallinn (Estonia) 20.08.2019

Kindly allow to present you a positively inspiring journey, that is heartfelt, courageous, filled with passion, love & human connection. With this journey I want to inspire people to be courageous, loving, for human connection, to dream big and take action….(read the story behind our Dare to Dream photo

Click here to hear Errit´s feedback on this journey and see the quick video of our journey or download a compact pdf file of the journey 

We are Errit Kuldkepp (marketing specialist in Pärnu Hospital) and Laura Siimenson (marketing assistant and personal trainer in Pärnu Hospital) from a lovely town called Visit Pärnu Through our very own Positively Inspiring Lifestyle, which Errit founded and Laura joined in 2017, we want to inspire people to live more fulfilling, passionately, meaningfully, courageously (see Errit´s CV and videos she had done…in order to inspire people around.

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FOREWORD by Errit: there is so much more to that journey than meets the eye…first of all the purpose to inspire people to be courageous, loving, for human connection and to dream big and act on it! There is love, attention to details, dedication, patience, hundreds of letters, contacts with the great network of people who have been influential in my life, countless days and weeks of creating something that never existed and willingness to help others to raise, as it was my dream and I kindly asked dear Laura to come with me to this journey and see the magic unfold and she did so we took the chance…I am definitely still on the journey and ready to continue…“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates, customers and people around you” (R. Sharma)…

The beginning of a beautiful “Vivere-Dare to Live” journey started when I was preparing for a long distance call from Gozo to Estonia to give an interview for Tre Raadio Pärnu about my master thesis (University of Tartu, Pärnu College) to keep my spirit up…. I was repeatedly listening to “Vivere- Dare to Live” by Andrea Bocelli & Laura Pausini while sitting on wooden chair on a terrace, sensing the positive vibe from the beautiful song, feeling the warm breeze touching my skin with the soft touch from the sun and gathering the thoughts I wanted to say, Writing my master thesis in my soul home island – Gozo (Visit Malta), while staying at Daydream Gozo B&B had been my dream for years. This place is truly dear to me as since 2014 I have been coming here during my official holidays (from Pärnu Haigla Taastusravi- ja heaolukeskus, where I have the privilege to work as a marketing specialist) and take care of this beautiful villa as a volunteer (see a clip)….Here you can even listen to this interview in beautiful Estonian language Ever since that day, this song just stuck with me, lifting my spirit up, giving the positive vibes….and this specific video as is this specific video, there is a magical human connection and energy between Andrea and Laura Pausini. The period between May-August was for me extremely rocky, personally & emotionally, I thought it was truly, truly challenging….but listening to Andrea helped a lot, Vivere always gave support to me even more courageous, honest, kinder and loving… I recieved a a civic courage award, among 28 other courageous people, on the 6th of November in Tallinn for catching a thief in Pärnu, earlier in summer. And before going to different interviews (see one of them & one for TV3 here)  I was playing Vivere over and over again! We stayed the night in Tallinn and on the next day we drove from Tallinn to Riga with my dear mother Rita Linkmann and dear boyfriend Oliver Kao (who volunteered to drive us to Andrea Bocelli´s Concert in Riga Arena)….and what happened there and the influence it had on me can be seen here in this honest and heartfelt “Thank you video for Andrea”  Then I was looking for many, many ways to get the message forwarded to Andrea…and for a while it seemed impossible…but I kept trying sending e-mails and Facebook messages….until one day, on the 29th of November I received an e-mail from Giorgio De Martino saying: “Dear Errit, I am a collaborator of Andrea Bocelli (and myself a musician). I have seen your message (you sent the link by e-mail to the “Officine Bocelli” in Lajatico), I have personally forwarded your beautiful message to Andrea. Now, I am happy to be able to forward to you, here enclosed, the reply of Andrea. A dear greeting! G. De Martino PS. I apologise for the fact that the letter is in Italian (and has not been translated into English). But Andrea wrote it today, while he is about to leave for the United States, without having the time to translate it. After that we exchanced several more e-mails and in one of them I wrote: “I truly hope, if all goes well, to see you on stage at your home region, in Teatro del Silencio, on the 28th July 2018. I will bring my dearest mother, who was with me in Riga as will on your concert! Like you, yourself have said about the I believe in the magic of life, miracles and deep and meaningful human connection. When I face myself difficult and challenging times, then I read out loud truly deep words by Osho, which I will attach to this letter. Hope it will “talk to you” the way it talks to me:)” …….. After that I was contacted by a generous and great man Maurizio Lucci form Great Italy tour and we started communicating quite regurarly and he even promised to give us as a gift two tickets to Andrea Bocelli´s concert in ….it seemed impossible….and it was for a long while. I already invited my dear friend Vivian Unt, to come with me to this concert, because they way we met was a truly miraculous fairytale story by iyself….but then came silence…silenzio for couple of months….

Then, suddendly I had a emotionally and health wise very difficult and challenging period and what is more important I lost my dear grandmother Valentina, who passed away at the age of 90. She was the cornerstone of our extremely loving family and relatives and left the greatest legacy one can leave…the true meaning of human kindness, unconditional love, strenght and courage…(dedication to my grandmother) ….from that day on I made a promice to myself, to carry on with that legacy….it is the least I can do. I felt I needed a time off again from everything and went back to my soul home, island of Gozo (Malta) to volunteer again in serene Daydream-Gozo B&B

…regarding Maurizio, everything was on a standstill….until the beginning of July 2018 when I got another message from Maurizio Lucci saying that he has our tickets….then the excitement went up again and planning started until I woke up in the morning of 4th of July and had a feeling that I have to try to find sponsors, maybe travel companies and embassies would be interested in this collaboration. Errit well prepared a letter, designed it and put a lot of hours to make it right….and sent out more than 20 letters to different companies. Some never replied and some did and the answer was always the same, no. But every single “no” was making us want this even more, therefore with the very last no, we went on and bought the tickets, booked accommodation and a car….and wrote an “thank you” e-mail to all of the potential sponsors saying the following: “We are grateful that you read through our offer to support our journey yet we are even more grateful that you did not reply at all or said NO, because we believe that N.O stands for next opportunity and we faced it, which lead us to….

On my birthday, on the 5th of July I made clip about making a wish…and blowing out the candles, in which I thanked all the generous congratulators it went like that: I am deeply grateful for all of your birthday wishes, this day, 5th of July 2018 will make history for me, as there is something very special going on (a voice inside me (inner gut) tells me so….and i do listen very carefully what it has to say). Stop for a moment and wish something very, very special, beautiful and courageous….and may we blow out these candles all together, so that all your magical dreams can come true. Be brave enough to….live, experience, love, explore, try and to step out of your comfort zone and traditional borders….because only this way you will achieve unbelievable outcomes. I have really great colleagues in Pärnu Hospital, who have allowed me to create out of the marketing specialist profession something that is creating a meaningful human connection, warm, inspiring and inclusive. Also I have had the privilege to passionately dedicate myself to the creation and development of my very own Positively Inspiring Lifestyle. For years this too was just a dream, but today, right at this moment, a real outcome that you are currently witnessing….and I have the privilege to be able to continue to create with Laura Siimenson something even more meaningful out of it. Believe me, if you do anything with heartfelt dedication, passion and enthusiasm, then be ready for extraordinary outcomes! 

Errit wrote to Giorgio on the 18th July, saying that we are coming….and adding:

“Dear Giorgio, Sunny and warm greetings from Estonia:) We are so happy to say that we will be experiencing the Andrea Bocelli in Teatro del Silencio on the 28th July 2018. As we deeply believe that miracles come in moments….do you think there would be any possibility to personally meet maestro himself and his adorable lady Veronica to give him the gift of positive energy and this good vibes photo of ourselves (me and Laura). We will be arriving to Pisa already on the 26th July….” Here is what he did: “Dear Eritt, What I can do is forward your request to Veronica. I know it will be an extremely complex day, but…. Never say ever (as we say in Italy). A warm greeting, Giorgio ….and after several more e-mails we got this one: Dear Eritt, Veronica told me that if you arrive on the 26th and you can come straight to the Teatro del Silenzio, Andrea will be on rehearsal and it will be possible to greet you with more time and easiness. is it possible? I put in cc Alessia Navarino, of the staff of Veronica, to eventually organize. See you soon!”

On the 18th July 2018 at 11.51 I received a note from Alessia saying: Good Morning! Please give me a call once you will be in the nearby, here below is my nr +39XXXXXXXXX

Click here to see what came out… and follow us on Instagram to see how it continues…as we have met with Andrea’s brother Alberto Bocelli, who is the man behind Bocelli Family Wines, we have visited Alpemare Forte dei Marmi, The Bocelli Family committed to the ambitious project whose objective was to restore the characteristic style of Alpemare🙂

……..may the beautiful journey continue from now on…and may you have the courage and presistance to pursue your dreams…but before that you really, really have to learn to openly dream again:)

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Listen to Errit´s interview in the morning show of Tre Raadio Pärnu (in Estonian)

Heartfelt hospitality…in a yellow circle you can see Andrea Bocelli feeling something on the handmade leather bow tie by DeMoog Design House…it is his name, carved on it…
When I met Andrea Bocelli I prepared a 4 page letter to him…expressing my gratitude towards his beautiful soul and explaining 3 meaningful gifts I had carefully selected and prepared for him. On page 3 it goes like that: “Second gift represents timelessness of being a true gentleman – honest, loving, attentive and courageous. May this handmade leather bow tie, with your name on it, be the representation of a true gentleman, like you are today and may it be passed on to every man who sees you wearing it”…
Errit Kuldkepp

PS! We got the exactly the same leather bow ties for Amos ann Matteo too 🙂 

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see…deep and meaningful quote by M. Twain…
In the yellow circle you can see our well thought gift to Andrea Bocelli´s beloved wife Veronica Berti Bocelli…A “Golden Porcelain Cup” by Arro Porcelain with a wish that came straight from the heart and hoping that this will be a beautiful representation of her Time to Herself as she really needs to do that, especially if she gives out to the world so much….

Help others to achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. (L.Brown). This time in a yellow circle is a box of handmade oat cookies…our purpose was to encourage a very talented woman who loves to cook and bake by asking her to bake handmade cookies for the Bocelli family:)

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