Story of VP Kinnisvara

Every brand has a story, every story has a beginning & behind it is always a human being.

Allow me to take you to the beginning of VP Kinnisvara, which yes, we have said that VP means Vapustav Pärnu (Fabulous Pärnu)…but there is more to it. Vallo Palm (get the hint) is a truly vibrant human being and deeply passionate real estate developer in Pärnu, Estonia.

His latest developments Raudteevalitsuse Villa, Graf Zeppelini Maja and Carolina Schmidti Villa, have been the hottest topics of discussion not only in Pärnu, but all over Estonia and across the borders. Just to name a few characteristics which distinguish his developments from the rest are the pace how fast they are being built, gorgeous style, high quality materials and high attention to every single detail.

Vallo Palm on the right sharing his ideas to BOA Arhitektid and Mapri Ehitus

Most importantly, he always chooses the best possible partners to collaborate with: BOA Arhitektid, Mapri Ehitus, Wermstock , Villa Wesset, WebExpert, just to name a few. Collaborating with local government is his top priority as he understands perfectly that all of his developments are part of the bigger picture in idyllic Pärnu!

He believes that being different, standing out and living life on your own terms are the key elements of leading a great life. As we all know, the same traits we have as people, we also pass on to our companies and ways we do business.

Vallo believes that the era of huge spa complexes as such, might be over

I have had the privilege to collaborate with him since the creation of VP Kinnisvara brand and shed the light and attention to his elegant developments through social media Facebook Instagram and Linkedin As well as creating the feeling and visuals in collaboration with Silver Kao from Vulfram, who has been the talented designer of logos for VP Kinnisvara, Graf Zeppelini Maja and Carolina Schmidti Villa and different beautiful banners.

Kindly see the elegant visuals of VP Kinnisvara by Silver Kao from Vulfram.com

Talking about social media, as Instagram is a perfect platform to share a story, which is visible only for 24hrs. That made me think creatively, as I simply did not want the stories of Raudteevalitsuse Villa to fade into the history, I collected them into a 18minute clip and posted on YouTube.

In order to find the perfect names for his fabulous buildings Graf Zeppelini Maja and Carolina Schmidti Villa, I had the privilege to dig deep into the historical books and find the right name with a story. Main aim was to find a name that would be connected to Pärnu and would fit perfectly for his fabulous buildings.

Life truly is a collection of moments and it is up to us to notice and embrace them! See the collection of photos made in VP Kinnisvara, Raudteevalitsusse Villa and Pastoraat Cafe in Pärnu by Mailiis Ollino

With love from Pärnu, Estonia

Errit Kuldkepp

VP Kinnisvara_Errit Kuldkepp_by Mailiis Ollino