Inspiring seminars to ignite your soul to action

Experiences are the best teachersmarketing Pärnu Hospital 2010-2019 is one of them, kindly check my “traditional” CV

Body language and communication– we believe that the human connection starts with communication and is the golden key to personal and career success.

Personal Branding – I deeply believe that Personal Branding is important. Why? It is actually very simple…no matter in which field you are working or active in, you are still collaborating with other human beings…not faceless companies. Personal Branding pushes you to get to know yourself better, deeper, connects you to your values and beliefs, why you do what you do….others see (& feel) it already…through what you do & do not do, how you do, how you communicate with your relatives, partners, friends, colleagues, strangers, rich and poor…so trust me, knowing yourself better, helps you to live more according to your values and beliefs! Check Errit´s videos and photos on facebook and the lively feed on instagram

Soulful event moderation to bring warmth to your event, to make a meaningful human connection with all the guests and people involved and to make the whole event run smoothly 

Soulful marketing – love to inspire you to have the courage to be authentic and proudly communicate it with your customers 

Social media marketing – strongly believe that social media is just one more way to expose your values and beliefs; that what you do in everyday life, how you interact with people face to face should be the same you communicate through social media…its just there to expose you to a wider network of people:) See how we have delivered active social media marketing for Pärnu Hospital through our videos and photos

All our seminars are held in English as well as in Estonian


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Here are some organizations we have worked with:

Inspiring seminars for youth and children

We believe that investing time into children, listening to them (really paying attention to what they have to say) & inspiring them through action and personal example is the best way to show the importance of common values, beliefs, empathy and the true meaning of human connection.