Raudteevalitsuse Villa photoshoot for Sangar

I deeply believe in connecting brands through human connection!

Kindly click here for the full collection, taken in 3 different locations: Martensi Maja (office of VP Real Estate), Raudteevalitsuse Villa & Pastoraat Cafe

While enjoying my delicious meal in Pastoraat Cafe on a sunny day (25th February 2020) I received a phone call from Katre (Sangar Quality Shirts) . We had a lovely chat and she complimented me on my instagram feed, which is why she called me in the first place. She asked if I could do couple of photos with 3 different Sangar shirts and post in on my social media latest on Friday, Feb 28th…so that they could #repost it afterwards…. “More that happy to”, I replied and put the phone down…

It would have been super easy to make the photos with my phone in 30 minutes and call it a day…but I had an urge to call to my all time favorite photographer Mailiis Ollino and ask if she would collaborate with me on this one. And there is one more “but”… photos need to be delivered by Friday the 28th of February. Literally in no time she said yes & I promised to figure out the locations.

As I mentioned earlier, I was still in Pastoraat, having by meal together with the manager of Rosenplänter Hotel Katrin, she overheard the phone call and kindly suggested the Hotel to be one of the locations. Deal, I loved that, this is perfect and the rest two I will do in the Raudteevalitsuse Villa, Pikk 16, which was still under the construction and should be a truly cool location & in the office of VP Kinnisvara… long story short, here are some of the photos made in Raudteevalitsuse Villa: