Pärnu is an idyllic resort town in Estonia. I love to live here because it has space….space to love, to grow, to fall & to get back again, to be & to create….to create the life you desire the most! Inspired by all that, I´ve created a collection of postcards called “Armastusega Pärnust” (“With Love from Pärnu”) so that every single person can send love and warm greetings from our idyllic town. 

Errit Kuldkepp

Price: 2.50 Eur/ per postcard

Size: A65

Kindly send your request to: 


Siluett Eesti Moe Pood and Supeluse 19 Hairdresser´s are my dear collaborators, who also sell these postcards

Please note the prices may vary according to the store´s terms and conditions! 

Every single postcard is printed in Pärnu on recycled paper and comes with a warm brown envelope


“Armastusega Pärnust” collection has also beautiful custom-made apparel made with love by Vulfram brand in Pärnu. 

Errit Kuldkepp

Apparel by Vulfram.com