Proudly collaborating with vulfram.com sportswear brand from Pärnu, Estonia. 

They have created a meaningful collection for Positively Inspiring Lifestyle called “Armastusega Pärnust” by Vulfram

(With Love from Pärnu)

My deep love towards Pärnu was the inspiration for this beautiful collection 

Apparel by Vulfram.com

Would you love to have one of the hoodies or polo shirts from this beautiful “With Love from Pärnu” collection? 

Kindly contact the Vulfram.com boys directly  and order your special “positively-inspiring” hoodie, polo shirt or both!

 “Armastusega Pärnust” (“With Love from Pärnu”) is also the name of a unique postcard collection, which I´ve created from the moments captured in our idyllic Pärnu. 

“With Love from Pärnu”

Polo Shirt by Vulfram

69 € (incl vat)


Kindly contact the Vulfram.com boys directly and order your special “positively-inspiring” 

hoodie, polo shirt or both!

“With Love from Pärnu”


119 € (incl vat)


“With Love from Pärnu”

Hoodie  with pockets

139 € (incl vat)

What makes both of the pieces unique? 

To bring more human touch to to the design by Silver Kao, the designer of Vulfram.com added

my handwritten note

“Armastusega Pärnust”

Where are the notes placed?

On the front of the polo shirt and on the left sleeve of the hoodie 

On these two videos below  you will see both…



The birds on the apparel are inspired by the flying bird on the Positively Inspiring Lifestyle logo.

Birds have always represented independence, freedom and trust towards their own ability to fly! 

I believe in living life of purpose, that impacts positively the lives of others. 

My heartfelt purpose through Positively Inspiring Lifestule is to inspire people to live courageously, passionately, fulfillingly, through the energy of love and meaningful human connection.”