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Experiences are the best teachersmarketing Pärnu Hospital 2010-2019 is one of them, kindly check my “traditional” CV 

We were LIVE (Feb 2021), together with Sean Litvak, founder of Litvak Leadership (Kentucky, USA) and shared some insights about leadership, skills of empathy, Soulful Marketing and how to live a life with a “glass half full” mindset….

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Allow to be inspired….meeting a world beloved tenor maestro Andrea Bocelli in person in Italy… and sharing this story on Illum Ma Steph Talk show on Malta, the host Stephanie Spiteri asked, who are my next goals to meet…and I replied Oprah, Michelle Obama and Barack Obama…you can hear me saying this in the clip below starting 22:50 min… 

Providing soulful marketing for the vulfram.com sportswear brand from Pärnu, Estonia is a true privilege! Together with Oliver Kao & Silver Kao, we have built this brand from the ground up. Feel deeply grateful to have had the honor to build up also Vulfram´s marketing strategy and social media.

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I truly believe in marketing through a strong, based on deep inner values personal brand!

Why is Personal Branding important? It is actually very simple…no matter in which field you are working or active in, you are still collaborating with other human beings…not faceless companies. Personal Branding pushes you to get to know yourself better, deeper, connects you to your values and beliefs, why you do what you do….others see (& feel) it already…through what you do & do not do, how you do, how you communicate with your relatives, partners, friends, colleagues, strangers, rich and poor…so trust me, knowing yourself better, helps you to live more according to your values and beliefs!

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What about Soulful Marketing? I completely agree with G. Ciotti – marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer.

According to legal definition, marketing is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. With its focus on the customer, marketing is one of the premier components of business management.

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