Original article by Kees van der Ent, published 19th Feb 2019

‘The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear’ – Gandhi.

We all know the feeling. There is something wrong at work. Everybody knows it. Everybody knows that something has to be done. But no one brings it up or adresses the problem. We fear that we can lose our job, miss our promotion or that our working relation with our bosses gets compromised. We look at each other and hope that someone stands up and speaks. Nothing happens.

Sometimes it goes the other way around. Most parents know. One of your children has a bad day. When you ask about it they do not speak and leave and go to their bedroom. You know all children have their ‘moments’ and you leave it as it is. Nothing happens.

Stand up for something, even if it means standing alone.

What can we learn from Great Leaders?

Great Leaders stand up. They break the status quo. They act whatever the consequences are. Even if it means imprisonment at Robben Island. Even if it means being laughed at when you dream about flying in the skies or tavelling to Mars. These leaders show courage and determination to persue their dreams.

It is all about courage. But what is courage?

  • Courage is not the absence of fear but the respect of fear.
  • Courage is not being afraid to stand alone.
  • Courage is taking action.
  • Courage is yearning to make life better.
  • Courage is doing what you are good at.

Anyone can be a Great Leader in their own life. Everyone has courage. Courage to stand up at work and to sit down with your children. That is what makes us humans great:

‘The courage to stand with the great and to sit down with the broken’

Do you agree?

Original article by Kees van der Ent, published 19th Feb 2019