Stop, stay as you are…I’ll take a photo😎😎😎 Who are they? (from the right) Oliver Kao, the one wearing a cool #borntomove #hoodie by Vulfram designed by Silver, keeps the whole business going😎

Silver Kao, yes, the happy one in the middle, is a truly talented designer, whos has even made the designs for VP Real Estate.

Kauri Sõnajalg although he does not work here, he visits the boys daily, keeps up the spirit in the office & is a cold coffee addict.

What connects them…besides the beards and the fact that that they are very good friends? A truly great, great sense of humor😎 But do not take my word on that, go visit them and experience yourself…

Errit Kuldkepp

#borntomove is the slogan of Vulfram, kindly check some stories on IG