We are constantly challenged by interesting circumstances and people in our lives, who pop in both short and long term, some with breaks in between and some only for a really very short time. Also what I have experienced and learned throughout the years the more you get to know you, the more you educate yourself on the topics that are dear to you and apply them in your everyday life- the better you are able to see and feel the “bigger picture” and understand people and different circumstances more deeply and the less you are eager to judge or to talk badly.

Yes, you slip, still, but instead of just stating the fact that this or that person is stupid or whatever…. instead, you should try to analyze where do they come from, try to understand their so called “pain body” which pushes them to act this or that way.

The more aware you are the more humble, loving and loved you become. Each and every person needs to be treated with honesty, respect, love, understanding, including YOURSELF. That means if you feel that someone is not treating you the way you would kindly treat them, you are allowed to depart from them, both mentally and physically, because it truly really is up to you who is in charge of your own peace and happiness, love, fulfillment and joy.

You are powerful, loving, successful, loved, talented, intelligent, caring and respected. Take full responsibility of your life now and choose wisely to what and whom you give your energy and attention to. Be kind towards everyone, starting from yourself and embrace the journey as life is actually about truly learning to enjoy the journey not only the destination as the value of the destination is the sum total of all the steps you took, experiences you had, emotions you felt and the challenges you overcame, the people you met and the learning process of yourself all along the interesting way. Stay humble, be curious, be for love, be courageous and for human connection. Breathe in…. deeply, breathe out full…..all is well. 

Start now, start with you, be in charge and show respect towards yourself and others. Because only you know what is inside of you, nobody else, so may that power work with you and for you from now on!

Thank you for reading until the very end, you are one truly patient human being 🙂