Mr Charles Azzopardi a true gentleman of hospitality, a general manager of well known The Phoenicia Malta. He still is highly valued and respected by his now former employees and colleagues (I saw it with my own eyes and heard it from Rita, lovely lady from reception). When we finally met in person 28.09.19 I we had more in common than we ever knew, we share immense passion towards heartfelt hospitality. And deep, meaningful human connection.

When I first wrote to him on the 21.10.2017 I was not really expecting, he would even reply, but the next day, he did and beautifully. He is a man who walks the talk and although, one more thing that we have in common is that we both have resigned, he finished working in The Phoenicia Hotel as a GM on 30.07 and I finished working in Pärnu Hospital as a marketing specialist 30.08 and now 28.09.19 we finally met. The language we spoke, was the one we both understood way better than with anyone I have spoken in hospitality, and no, it was not English I mean, its the values, purposes and meaning.

With love and grateful heart