It was an honor to be among the wonderful, talented, inspiring and empowering women who participated in the “HEARTS TALK” webinar series and talk about “WHY Wellness Matters?” Initiated and organized by multi talented Amina Leelo a founder and CEO of Stella Polare Boutique Events

Listen how we invited inspired people to join our webinar 🙂

And here is what each and every participant got to talk about during the 7-8 minutes. Webinar on the 5th August 2020 was warmly and professionally hosted by well known and well-respected communication expert and a speaker from USA Linda Larsen (who too, shared her story)

Starting from 43:55 you can hear WHY I founded Positively Inspiring Lifestyle, who gave it the same and HOW and WHAT is made through this

May I kindly express deepest gratitude for this uplifting, motivational and inspiring collaboration!

If you were even a bit inspired from what you heard, then kindly invite you to dig deeper and subscribe to Stella Polare Boutique events You Tube Channel

Here´s to all the great women, human beings out there! May we be them, may we notice them! May we raise them! May we be them!

With love from Pärnu, Estonia

Errit Kuldkepp