Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity (Janet Louise Stephenson)

THANK YOU for attending one of the biggest classrooms I have ever lectured in!!! Since December 2016 I decided that in order to fulfill my dream….To inspire you to live more courageously, passionately, fulfillingly, through meaningful human connection.... I had to put myself out there and learn about PERSONAL BRANDING…courageously, openly, taking small and big steps, stepping greatly out of my comfort zone, sticking to my values and beliefs, getting out of the comfort zone, landing flat on my face and getting up again times and times again….but it has been worth it all along the way and I can guarantee, that without it www.positively-inspiring.com would not have come true:) In 2018 when by greatest influencer…my grandmother passed away, I made a promise to myself…to pass on her legacy of human kindness, courage, love, passion for life….

Thank you all so very much…may the journey continue;)

Errit Kuldkepp

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