Over the years, I´ve come to appreciate the deep value of real human connection and have had the honor to meet amazing people from all around the world in our idyllic Pärnu, Estonia.

Meet Di Di Chrio Reinhold, a truly vibrant, smart and full of life young woman. Born and raised in a small town called Theunissen in the province of Free State, South Africa. She has always been a dreamer and what connects us above all is the passion towards life and strong belief into Youth. She always knew that life is full of opportunities and the journey is her´s to create!

Because of her willingness to dream and believe in better future she moved at a young age in her 20s to USA and worked as a truly dedicated Youth Councelor in Florida and continud to do so on Disney Cruise Lines…

Walt Disney has said: “First Think, Second, Dream. Third, Believe. And finally Dare” This sums up her life so far beautifully as she met love of her life on the Disney Cruise Line and took a leap of faith and moved to Pärnu, Estonia with her husband Mario.

Currently she is teaching English to the kids in Pärnu Vanalinna Põhikool and I´ve heard truly great feedback from the kids. Because she is teaching through games, experience and with the drive to inspire kids around her!

Her next goal is to start organizing Youth Camps…and looking back at her life so far, I am sure she will make it, better than she can ever imagine!

Thank you Pastoraat Cafe in Pärnu for always providing an truly hospitable and warm atmosphere for people to spend quality time and enjoy a good meal.

With Love from Pärnu

Errit Kuldkepp

Personal Branding|Soulful Marketing|Inspirational Seminars|Heartfelt Hospitality