Life is filled with unique moments and it is up to us to notice and embrace them… Let me invite you to the early morning hour in idyllic Pärnu, Estonia.

How it began? “Little girls dream came true at 35 in Tiffany & Co”

I was on my way to meet a lovely French woman Aurelie Desmas for breakfast. She came here from New York, where she lived for the past 10 years and worked as a soulful interior designer for the past 5 years. Since 2019 November she and her husband are happily living in beautiful Pärnu, Estonia.

Kindly visit Aurelie´s webpage & find inspiration on her Instagram

How we met? Easy, via Instagram as she found me via #visitparnu Back to the morning…as I was skipping down the stairs, I felt my lucky charm Tiffany & Co. necklace bouncing on my neck which just lit the light-bulb and it made me smile. Because on the one side of my Tiffany® heart tag was written: “Please return to Tiffany & Co . NY 925” and on the other side was a beautiful engraving “Errit Paris, 19” (as I bought this timeless piece in Paris (read the story “Little girls dream came true at 35 in Tiffany & Co”).

In order to remember that special moment & inspire others, I made a story and shared it on Instagram. When I jumped on my bicycle I figured that I would be a bit late, but my hope was that Aurelie would also see the story and be kind. While riding fast, I knew I would not make it by 8.a.m, yet 10 minutes later I will be there. I should tell everyone that:

“Kindly take time to be in the moment while waiting for Errit as she might be late 5-15 minutes due to an unexpected “lightbulb” idea for a story.”

Aurelie was just getting her bike out by the time I arrived and she was happy and kind. I was truly happy to see her and we decided to ride directly to Pastoraat Cafe. We locked the bikes and went inside. Always lovely to go there because a warm welcome and heartfelt hospitality of the staff is the priceless value of the Cafe. Which supports perfectly the one of a kind interior design of this gorgeous place.

Next thing I know, I am already back outside in front of the Pastoraat Cafe making a short story saying:” ….and talking about Tiffany® we are going to have breakfast, not at Tiffany´s this time, but in Pastoraat Cafe. Then I skipped back in and we both ordered cappuccinos, one of my favorite light and fruity yogurt with chia seeds and one fresh croissant…. 

….to be continued

With Love from Pärnu, Estonia

Errit Kuldkepp

Tiffany & Co. Errit Kuldkepp, Pastoraat Cafe, Parnu, Estonia, Photo by Mailiis Ollino